SHEN Therapy UK

SHEN Emotional Healing and Personal Empowerment 7 Day Workshop
Workshop Leader – Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Therapist/Instructor)

For most people, receiving SHEN Therapy for the first time is a profound experience.  Offering SHEN Therapy to others is a joy.

This Workshop is specially designed for those searching for a way of letting go of deeply rooted, painful emotions that inhibit life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This is an intensive experiential Workshop with an emphasis on learning and experiencing the giving and receiving of SHEN Therapy’s unique techniques for emotional release and self empowerment.  You will be provided with a comprehensive manual and clear instructional charts to guide your learning.

Over the full course of the workshop you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotions work and why they can be so troubling and experience their relationship to the healing properties of the human Biofield.
All Workshops are offered in a safe and nurturing environment under the care and guidance of a fully Certified SHEN Instructor/Facilitator.
The Workshop includes 56 classroom hours offering participants 21 SHEN Therapy sessions. This Workshop can lead to a pivotal experience for those seeking to break away from the limitations imposed by past emotional conditioning. Taking the Workshop twice is a pre-requisite for the SHEN Internship programme.


Monday 25th – Sunday 31st March 2019

Monday 30th September – Sunday 6th October

09.00 – 17.30. (Finishing time may vary each day, but no later than 18.00

Nazareth House, 169 – 175 Hammersmith Road, London W6 8DB
Telephone: 0208 748 3549
In house accommodation with Breakfast can be booked via Workshop Leader at £40.00 per person per night.
(Please note that the accommodation is basic with no room service)

Workshop Fee: (Inclusive of refreshment and Workshop Manual)
First Timer:     £725.00   Reviewers:  £675.00
SHEN Interns: £565.00   CST  £370.00 (attending as participants for CPD)

Early Bird Discount : Dateline for booking (March): Friday 12th January 2019
Early Bird Discount : Dateline for booking (September – October): Friday 20th July 2019
First timer:        £695.00    Reviewers: £345.00
SHEN Interns: £535.00   CST: £340.00

For enquiries and booking please contact Helena Legg
Tel: 01296 420 661 Mob: 07783 108 299 Email:

Testimonials from Workshop Participants:

I attended the Shen A workshop in May and found it very useful. Helena was a great facilitator who made me feel welcomed and listened to from the start of the workshop. Whilst taking part in the workshop difficult emotions can arise. I felt confident in Helena and her team that they could confidentially help me process emotions that were rising in caring and professional manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the Shen A workshop and will recommend to my friends and family so that they can feel the benefits I have.
July 2016 – London

“SHEN has helped to clear old emotional blocks and tensions that I’ve unknowingly carried for years.  As a result I can lead a happier, more fulfilled and tension-free life.  I’m fortunate to have come across SHEN.”
2017- Hasting

After trying many forms of therapy over the years, I was open to the idea of experiencing a different way of working and had already met Helena from her Mindfulness yoga classes. I was also very clear about what the issues were for me and ready to work on them.
However, I was not prepared for how powerful my experience of Shen has been. The process of being able to release painful emotions, mostly from childhood, has been a turning point in my life and I plan to continue the journey. I’m now waiting to be able to attend an intensive weekend workshop.
Helena is an extremely gifted and skilled practitioner and creates a safe and supportive environment.
Shen is such a positive, healing process and I have felt great benefits in many areas of my life after just a short number of sessions.
March 2017 – Buckinghamshire

“For the past several years I have attended a workshop about every 18 months. Every time I attend a workshop I think I am just going for a “clean-up” or a “hoovering” but each time I address something I often didn’t even know existed. I always look forward to being with like-minded people at a workshop. I always feel cared for and valued when I am there and I always feel lighter when I go home. I strive to live my life unencumbered and SHEN therapy helps me in this quest”.
October 2017 – Harrow