SHEN Therapy Workshops

“The aim of life is self development. To realise one’s nature perfectly,that is what each of us is here for” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) – The Picture of Dorian Gray

For most people, receiving SHEN Therapy for the first time is a profound experience. Offering SHEN Therapy to others is a joy. All Workshops and courses are offered in a safe and nurturing environment under the care and guidance of a fully Certified SHEN Instructor/Facilitator. 7 day SHEN “Emotional Healing & Personal Empowerment Workshop”

This Workshop is specially designed for those searching for a way of letting go of deeply rooted, painful emotions that inhibit life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Over seven days you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotions work and why they can be so troubling and experience their relationship to the healing properties of the human Biofield. This is an intensive experiential Workshop with an emphasis on learning and experiencing the giving and receiving of SHEN Therapy’s unique techniques for emotional release and self empowerment. You will work from a comprehensive manual and clear instructional charts which are yours to keep.

The Workshop includes 56 classroom hours offering students 24 SHEN Therapy sessions. This Workshop can lead to a pivotal experience for those seeking to break away from the limitations imposed by past emotional conditioning and is a pre-requisite for the SHEN Internship programme. All dates are inclusive and Workshops begin at 9.00am and finish at 5.00pm. £50.00 deposit required to secure your place. Deposits are not refundable but are transferable in the event of cancellation.

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