SHEN Emotional Healing & Empowerement Part ‘B’ Workshop 10th – 13th July 2015


Led by Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Practitioner/ SHEN Instructor Intern)

All workshops are offered in a safe and nurturing environment under the care and guidance of a fully qualified and Certified SHEN Instructor/Facilitator.
They are specially designed for those searching for a way of letting go of deeply rooted, painful emotions that inhibit life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Over the full course of the workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotions work and why they can be so troubling and experience their relationship to the healing properties of the Human Biofield.

This is an intensive experiential Workshop with an emphasis on learning and experiencing the giving and receiving of SHEN Therapy’s unique techniques for emotional release and self empowerment. You will be guided by a comprehensive manual with clear instructional charts which are yours to keep

The Workshops are offered in 2 parts
SHEN A: Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May 2015
SHEN B: Friday 10th to Monday 13th July 2015
Best Western Garden Court Aylesbury, Buckingham Road,
Watermead, Aylesbury,
Buckinghamshire, HP19 0FY
Tel: 01296 398 839

Workshop Fee: Normally £400.00 – One off discounted offer in consideration of Workshop Leader being assessed for her Certification towards Certified SHEN Instructor.

First timer – £350. Early Bird (Booked before 10th June) – £320.00

Repeats: (Participants who are repeating Part A and B) 25% discount – £300.00

Early Bird (Booked before 10th June) – £280.00

Lunch can be ordered for £6.50 per person per day or participants can eat out or bring own lunch.

Accommodation in venue: can be booked directly with the Hotel at above number.
Cost: Double room: £69.00 BB per person per night. Twin Room £74.00 BB per night.

For Booking and enquiries please contact:
Helena Legg on 07783 108 299 or email: OR

For further information about SHEN Therapy, please search or International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA)