SHEN Clinical Skills Seminar 14th – 20th May 2017

Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th May 2017
Venue: Nazareth House, Hammersmith Road, London W6 8DB
Telephone: 0208 748 3549

Seminar Instructor: Deirdre Leavy (Certified SHEN Therapist/ Instructor/Mentor)
Registrar and Assistant: Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Therapist/Instructor)
Seminar Assistant: Corona McGurk (Certified SHEN Therapist/Mentor)

Professional Certification Training

The Clinical Skills Seminar is the classroom portion of the SHEN Internship Programme and is aimed at SHEN Interns and at Certified SHEN Therapists (CST) wishing to improve their skills or for their own growth.

The Seminar is designed specifically for participants to expand, deepen and enhance their practice underpinned by the core principles of SHEN Therapy and Client Care. Building on your individual existing knowledge and skills, the Seminar leaders will lead you to new dimension of SHEN therapeutic skill.

Seminar Fee is inclusive of Refreshments and Clinical Skills Manual
Lunch can be ordered via the venue kitchen at £3.00 a head.
Alternatively there are many eating places close by or bring your own lunch.
Accommodation with Breakfast available at Venue:
 £40.00 per night for all rooms (single or double)

For enquiries: Please contact Helena Legg  on  07783 108 299 or email:
For Booking:
 Please complete the registration form with deposit payment of £200.00 (non refundable) and send to Helena Legg, address on the Registration form.
For Early Bird discount: Registration form and deposit received by dateline.