Relationship Retreats at Sanctury

Relationship Retreats at Sanctuary by Tony Bailey CST

The emotions of attraction, admiration, yearning and arousal begin the formation of our Relationships. The emotions of love, trust, respect and caring bond and sustains healthy Relationships.
It is the emotions of frustration, anger, resentment, blame and guilt that undermine and threaten to tear our Relationships apart.
So why do our emotions swing so dramatically as to threaten break down or break up?
The reason is that emotions such as intimacy, pleasure and gratification are expansive, making us feel good and wanting us to express them. Whereas the emotions of fear, anxiety, self doubt, low self worth, and shame, feel painful and troubling causing us to close down as the emotions contract deep inside our body.
The Medical Profession call this the ‘Auto Contractile Pain Reflex’ or ACPR. These contractions can remain for a life-time; constantly triggered by present day events and setting up a chain reaction of troubling responses in our behaviour, habits and actions.
When the body relaxes, it naturally releases tension, stress and contractions held in the body.
In a SHEN Relationship Retreat we work at releasing the cause of the disruptive emotions by relaxing that part of the body holding the emotions in a tight constriction. Using our hands, the SHEN Practitioner directs and enables the naturally occurring ‘Chi’(energy) circulating the body to dissolve the contractions and lift the painful emotion safely to the surface to be released.
As the inner emotional conflicts resolve, the deeper empowering emotions of love, happiness and self confidence are freed to establish a strong and resilient core upon which to move our relationships forward.
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