Certified SHEN Therapist

I trained as a journalist and subsequently founded a number of Companies. This led to my appointment as a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors (F.Inst. D)

I came across SHEN when I was seeking help with stress and immediately benefitted. I wanted to learn more about SHEN Therapy and  its remarkable results and participated in numerous workshops. After many years of study and practise as an Intern, I qualified as a fully Certified SHEN Therapist in 2002 and went on to become a Trustee and Board Member of ISTA (International SHEN Therapy Association) and Member of the Grievance committee. I assisted Richard Pavek, the originator of SHEN Therapy. on many workshops.

I established, edited and published the ‘SHEN TOUCH’ newsletter for the World-wide SHEN Community.  For 12 years, I was the SHEN Therapy Workshop Instructor for the UK  and Europe, training Students to become SHEN Therapists.

I founded Sanctuary, home to Heart of England SHEN Emotional Healing & Personal Empowerment Therapy Retreat Centre, in the beautiful riverside town of Bewdley,Worcestershire on the first day of the Millennium, where I offer SHEN Therapy on a Retreat basis.  Clients can visit Sanctuary for a Day Retreat or benefit from a stay of several days in a fully  equipped apartment attached to the Centre where they receive SHEN Therapy on an intensive basis.

” To offer SHEN Therapy is, for me, the single most important thing I can do with my life – it is my joy”.

For more information and to Book a Retreat, please contact:

Tony Bailey, Certified SHEN Therapist (CST) Certified SHEN Instructor (CSI) for 12 years.

Tel:  01299 401 407

Mob: 07367 348 059

email: info@shentherapyuk.com