I left work in 2007 after a career in health and social care spanning over 30 years during which time I occupied a variety of clinical and managerial roles. I have experience of various ‘talking’ and complimentary therapies and of working with people with a wide range of emotional and mental health problems in particular those who have experienced abuse, trauma and loss. I am interested in the benefits to wellbeing that mindfulness and contemplative approaches can offer and practice meditation myself.

A chance meeting with a SHEN therapist in 2009 introduced me to SHEN and its benefits. A year later, when increasingly severe and prolonged migraine headaches (for which no physical cause had been isolated) had become a regular occurrence, I remembered that SHEN could help migraine and sought a course of therapy.

SHEN helped me enormously – not only with the migraine but also with various other issues which had been lurking in the background and which I had become more aware of in the absence of the diversion which my work had offered!

Having benefited from SHEN, I wanted to be able to offer it to others. I like the integrity inherent in the link between the requirement to deepen and intensify the personal growth of the intern / therapist through on-going personal SHEN and the ability to effectively benefit the client.

One of my clients says receiving SHEN is ‘like a touching meditation.’  In a way, I think that SHEN, like meditation, can create a spacious and compassionate awareness which enables the release of painful emotions, the unhooking from limiting behaviours and the development of insight – all of which contribute to personal growth and transformation. I also believe that for many of us who are expert at analysing and talking about thoughts and feelings, SHEN can provide the bridge back to our bodies and to the roots of many painful emotions, enabling them finally to be released.

I am delighted to offer SHEN under the supervision of its founder, Richard Pavek, in Goa and during the summer and early autumn in the Glasgow area and South West Scotland.

For more information please contact me as follows:

India telephone number: (0091) 8975980104

UK telephone number:  07799 223019 (from mid April -mid  October)

When I am out of the UK, first contact by email is the best way to reach me at the following email address:  shenshona1@gmail.com