SHEN Intern

I was born in London and trained at Trinity College London gaining a degree equivalent Diploma in Music (GTCL), followed by Licentiate and Associate Diplomas.

I subsequently gained a CELTA qualification to Teach English as a second language.

I first became aware of SHEN therapy whilst attending a workshop when a fellow student mentioned that she was receiving SHEN Therapy from Benedicta Muffuh in Margate.  I had been diagnosed with a viral condition causing inflammation of the spinal cord, muscle weakness and weight loss which severely affected my work as a musician and enjoyment as Church organist.

I booked myself in for a SHEN session. Following my 4th session I experienced a very strong sensation – like being churned in a washing machine. A little later, whilst reaching for something off a shelf, I jumped up – to my amazement – as this was previously impossible for me.

I booked myself on the very next SHEN Workshop, which was being run by Richard Pavek, founder of SHEN Therapy, and subsequently decided to study to become a SHEN Therapist by joining the SHEN Internship programme.  My SHEN practice is in Canterbury, Kent.

My other interests revolve around my work as a Drama Teacher and involvement with the L’Arche Community where I am assisting adults with learning difficulties.

To book a SHEN Therapy session please contact:

Rosie Yea, SSI

01227 786 997

Email: :