Supervised SHEN Intern

On the banks of Loch Leven

I first encountered SHEN therapy in 1995 when I was feeling stuck in my life. The series of sessions I had helped me to change my life when I had been ready to but had been unable to do this without a boost. Since I had been an accredited counsellor for many years I felt it could help my clients also. At that point I decided to begin training in SHEN.

SHEN Therapy is completely natural, it can reach the feelings that are holding us back health-wise and emotionally and can free us from them. I have great faith in this gentle, yet powerful therapy and I believe you will, too.

I work from Kinross on the banks of Loch Leven, which is easily accessible from most towns and cities in central Scotland. Please phone or email me for a chat, or for more information.

Phone: 01577 863084