I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England where I now live and practice SHEN Therapy.

My early career was spent with the Civil Service, initially in Newcastle and then transferring for a 2 year stint to London.

I returned to Newcastle, married and shortly after the birth of my first son, added triplets to my family – identical twin girls and another boy.

I took a career break to bring up my young family and as a result of continual visits to the Doctor with the usual range of childhood health issues, discovered homeopathy and witnessed an incredible turnaround in the family’s health.  This was my introduction to complementary/alternative health.

During a particularly stressful time I was recommended to a SHEN Therapist.  A short SHEN series for a family member just turned things around and I couldn’t wait to experience SHEN for myself.

The effects for me were quite subtle, but others noticed a difference in me and I enrolled on the next available workshop to learn the SHEN techniques so I could help friends and family.

I completed the Internship and became a Certified SHEN Therapist in 1998.

Apart from my SHEN practice, my time is taken up with my 5 Grandchildren and membership of a 300 strong choir based at SAGE, Gateshead.

To book a Session, contact:

Irene McLane, CST.  Tel: 0191 266 7075; mobile: 07746 982 862

Email: Irene.mclane@gmail.com