Certified SHEN Therapist

I was born in Kenya, East Africa of Goan parents.  After completing my primary education there, I finished my secondary schooling in London after we moved to the UK in 1974.

I was introduced to SHEN when I went to St Anselm’s in 2003 where Richard Pavek, SHEN’s founder, came to conduct workshops.  I did two workshops led by Richard Pavek there. I am a religious sister.

SHEN changed my life in that I was becoming confident in groups and coming out of my shell by being a client for one of the SHEN Intern’s at St Anselm.

I attended my first Clinical Skills Seminar in London after completing a refresher of the Part A & B workshops.

I completed my Internship with Richard Pavek as my Mentor in June 2010 and, following a repeat of the Clinical Skills Seminar in Dublin 2012, gained my Certified SHEN Therapist status in 2012.

I am privileged to be a SHEN Therapist in that we are helping people in the transformation of their lives and moving forward to becoming fulfilled.

My contact details are:

Mobile: 07958 050 644

E-mail: fran.furtado@hotmail.com