Certified SHEN Therapist , Certified SHEN Mentor

I first encountered SHEN in 2004. It was at a time when I was retiring from a very responsible, stressful job and having read a SHEN leaflet advertising a SHEN Workshop, I felt it was exactly what I need ed at the time.

I thought that what I was feeling then was due to overwork and stress related issues. During the Workshop I soon found out that the source of my problem was at a far deeper level, that of childhood blocked emotions which had never been resolved, nor even remembered.. Through SHEN they came to the surface and were safely and gradually released.

This for me was a profound and pivotal experience. It seemed to me that SHEN had reached the deepest level of my soul.

As a result of this I decided to go forward to train as a SHEN Therapist. My own life had changed so dramatically that I wanted to reach out and help others.

Hence began my SHEN journey.

I was lucky enough to have had Richard Pavek, SHEN founder, as my mentor. His expertise, knowledge and guidance were of paramount importance in my training.

I completed my Internship and qualified as a fully Certified SHEN Therapist. in 2008. I was appointed a SHEN Mentor in 2010, a position which I consider to be a great privilege and one which I am thoroughly enjoying. I also assist at SHEN Workshops and find this involvement both enriching and inspiring.

SHEN, for me, is the most powerful method for healing deep-seated emotional wounds and I find it a deep privilege and joy to assist others in their healing on their emotional journey.

I work from home and have a comfortable safe Therapy Room here in Waterloo, Liverpool. I am here to help those who want to let go of emotional pain and hurt, irrespective of age or gender.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tel: (0) 151 525 1744

Mob: (0) 7881 654 859

email: cmcgurk@blueyonder.co.uk