CARMEL HAYE Supervised SHEN Intern Thatcham Berkshire

My background is one of caring. I have several years experience providing care for elderly people.  Since 2003 I have worked in a variety of roles for an organisation which specialises in the care and education of children and young adults with Autism.

I first encountered SHEN in 2011, for me it has been an experience of deep healing which has reached the depths of my soul. SHEN has helped me overcome what were at the time unrealised deeply painful emotions which were greatly influencing all areas of my existence and holding me back from truly living life.  Through SHEN they were gently and gradually lifted to the surface and gently released.  This has given me a real zest for life and a deep desire to reach out and help others who wish to embark on their own journey.

I have recently commenced my training to be Certified SHEN Therapist, I am a member of the International SHEN Therapy Association and I am practicing as a fully insured Supervised SHEN Intern from my home in Thatcham Berkshire.

I am passionate about SHEN and I consider it a privilege and a joy to be able to assist others on their journey of deep emotional healing. If you would like more information or if you feel ready to start out on your own journey of healing I’m here for you.

Email: Mobile: 07818 615 992