Newsletter Issue 17

1st SHEN Workshop for Greece

SHEN Instructors Council Meeting in Sedona

New SHEN Appointments

SHEN Community Forum

SHEN with Children

Profile of Poppy Palimeri

Profile of Shona Neil

SHEN & the legacy of Hippocrates

Aspects of SHEN – A Book Project

New Zealand Workshops

Ireland –  News & workshops

USA -Special Workshop in Sedona, Arizona

UK Workshop Schedule

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Newsletter Issue 16

2 Clinical Skills Seminars scheduled for either side of the World in 2012

2 New Appointments

– Corona McGurk, Mentor

– Saranya Tarrant, Clinical Skills Seminar Teacher

The Role of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA)

Feature on SHEN Retreats available worldwide

SHEN reunion in Victoria, Canada

Cathrine Greene Revealed

– SHEN Therapist

– Acclaimed Artist

– Author

New Zealand news and Workshops

Communication from Cameroon

UK Workshop Schedule for 2012

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Newsletter Issue 15

– Deirdre Leavy CST, CSI new General Secretary for the Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations (FICTA)

Richard Pavek explains relationship between ISTA and the SHEN Therapy Institute

– Benedicta Muffuh CST & Trainer, describes A Year in her Life in Cameroon

– Russell Fox CST, CSI Explores the Power of Place – Sedona, Arizona

– Cathrine Green CST Describes Moving Towards Space in her SHEN Practice in Canada. US Workshop

– Feedback to SHEN TOUCH issue 14

– UK News Round Up

– New Zealand News Update.

– Laura Campbell CST Offers advice on Getting SHEN Clients

– Jenny Jones CST writes of her dramatic experiences following SHEN Session

– Tribute to David Byrne, SHEN veteran.   Ireland Workshop Schedule

– UK Workshop Schedule.

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Newsletter Issue 14

First SHEN Workshop in Australia

Clinical Skills Seminar in Auckland, NZ

Note from Richard Pavek, Founder of SHEN Therapy

‘The Emergence of Self’ by Russell Fox

Social Network page launched to link SHEN Worldwide Community

Report on Earthquakes devastating NZ.

Feature on Aashild Skarseth, Norway

SHEN Case Study (Part 1), Ireland

New UK Website launched

EU Herbal medicine Ban report

UK Workshop dates

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Newsletter Issue 12

– Clinical Skills Seminar-London: Report
– SHEN’s Therapeutic Philosophy
– News from New Zealand:
Christchurch Earthquake; Barbara Smith;
Saranya Tarrant

– News from Cameroon: Benedicta Muffah
– News from the Americas: Russell Fox
– ‘Waiting in the Wings’ & ‘Interview Survived’
-News from Europe: UK News & Workshops;
– SHEN Therapy Retreats; Ireland Workshops;
– Doris Stromich

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Newsletter Issue 11

-Clinical Skills Seminar-London: News & Update
-Richard Pavek: ‘Starting a SHEN Session’
-Africa: Cameroon Update, Benedicta Muffah
-The Americas:
-Canada – Catherine Greene
-USA – SHEN in Chicago, Ayleyaell Kinder
-Europe & UK: Feature on Vejay Rana; SHEN in Scotland; SHEN & Beyond Retreat -Feature; Ireland Workshops Update
-Readers’ Comments

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Newsletter Issue 10

– Intro: Easter Greetings
– Feature: SHEN in Cameroon, 2007-2010, by Benedicta Muffah
– In Tribute to Insui Giehl
– ‘Off the Wheels’ by Russell Fox
– Emotional Transformation: SHEN Therapy and Buddhism, by Bodhidaka
– ‘Big Men Don’t Cry’ by Deirdre Leavy
– Developments in Legislation
– What Can SHEN Therapists Learn From Each Other?

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Newsletter Issue 9

– Intro: Seasons Greetings
– The Americas:
Canada: Catherine Greene; Donna Harcos
USA: Ayleyaell Kinder
And This is Why I Do SHEN’
– Europe & UK: Zoe Martlew; Tony Bailey
– Ireland: Deirdre Leavy, Christmas Message
Rose O’Donnell: ‘SHEN & Special Needs’
– The Netherlands: Peter Schravendeel
‘Have SHEN will Travel’ by Jenny Jones

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Newsletter Issue 8

Breaking News! First SHEN Workshop for the Netherlands

The Ameraicas: USA/West Coast: ‘SHEN: The Red Capsule’  by Russell Fox

‘A SHEN Life Afloat!’ by Richard Pavek

USA/New England: ‘My Early Days With SHEN’ by Laurie Hoover

Ireland: ‘SHEN & Physical Pain’ by Rose O”Donnell

Raising the Profile of SHEN in the UK

New Zealand: Anna Warner; Barbara Smith

UK: A Heartwarming Story;

Book Review;


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