Newsletter Issue 27

The New ISTA Website By Richard Pavek
SHEN Community FORUM
A look at Emotional Health and Wellbeing with SHEN Therapy

New Zealand

SHEN News from Saranya Tarrant CST, CSI


Yet another Earthquake! By Richard Pavek


The lost Attachment Relationship By Poppy Palimeri CST, CSI
The missing question By Richard Pavek


Testimonial received July 2014 Deirdre Leavy CST, CSI writes from Ireland
New Born Baby SHEN Rose O’Donnell CST writes from Ireland


SHEN Part ‘B’ Workshop held at Sanctuary, Bewdley July 2014
News Flash – Congratulations Russell
Report from Fiona Morton CST
The International SHEN Therapy Association Corona McGurk
Report from: Helena Legg CST (Vice Chair HHN)
SHEN Retreat Centre in Dalaman, Turkey
London 4 day Part ‘A’ SHEN
Russell Lewins CSI writes from Birmingham, UK
SHEN UK Workshop Dates For 2014/2015

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Shen Newsletter 27

Newsletter Issue 26

European Clinical SHEN Therapy Seminar April 2014

Deirdre Leavy CSI, Seminar Lead, writes from Ireland
Corona McGurk CST, SHEN Mentor writes from the UK
Annie Vossinioti SSI writes from Athens, Greece
Dave Barry SSI writes from Ireland
Lorraine Cotter SSI writes from Ireland
Shona Neil CST writes from Scotland
2015 European Clinical Skills Seminar
Invitation to 8 days Clinical Skills Practitioner Seminar in New Zealand
Seaside SHEN Therapists Retreat at Littlestone, Kent, UK

Special Feature on SHEN Retreats

SHEN Retreat Centre in Dalaman, Turkey
Sanctuary – Home to Heart of England SHEN Therapy Retreat Centre
Cheltenham Beach SHEN Retreat Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
SHEN Therapy Retreats at ‘Hollybrook’, County Longford, Ireland
AEGEAN Retreats on the Romantic island of Skopelos, Greece
SHEN Retreats in Goa, India
SHEN Retreats in Birmingham, UK
The Power of SHEN Swaps (Testimonial)
SHEN Part ‘B’ Workshop held in London in May 2014
Workshop & Retreat on the fabulous island of Skopelos
SHEN UK Workshop Dates For 2014/2015

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Newsletter Issue 25


The power of Emotion Cathrine Greene

20th Anniversary Donna Harcos


Athens Workshop Report Poppy Palimeri

Annie Vossinioti

Congratulations to Poppy Palimeri CSI

Workshop dates


The Emotional Biofield Richard Pavek


Congratulations to Nan Williamson

SHEN Part ‘A’ London

SHEN Part ‘A’ Bewdley

Profile of Helena Legg

HNN Community Health Awareness Day


Auckland Workshop Saranya Tarrant

Presentation to Psychotherapy

Conference Barbara Smith

SHEN UK Workshop Dates for 2014

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Newsletter Issue 24

Members Forum


My SHEN Internship Annie Vossinioti

SHEN Information Evening

My Wish Poppy Palimeri

Skopelos 2014 Workshop & Retreat


News by Saranya Tarrant

SHEN & Meditation Michael Owen

Michael Owen Profile

My Visit to Sausalito Barbara Smith


Testimonial of Hope & Giving

Poem by Bobby Burke

European Clinical Skills Seminar information


Successful Past–Exciting Future

Tony Bailey

Seaside SHEN Retreat

UK Therapy Hub

UK Workshops: Schedule for 2014

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Newsletter Issue 23

Members Forum


Report from Deirdre Leavy

Feng Shui for SHEN


Report from Laurie Hoover

Don’t Jump to Conclusions


SHEN in Skopelos Island

United Kingdom

Getting Back in the SHEN Groove

Far From the Madding Crowd

Seaside SHEN Retreat!


SHEN Presentation to NZ Association of Counsellors

UK Workshops Schedule for 2013 & 2014

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Newsletter Issue 22

Members Forum


Business in 2013

FICTA Annual General Meeting


SHEN Therapy

Encounter with a Butterfly



SHEN Part ‘A’ Workshop in Athens

Workshops/Retreats in Greece

United Kingdom

(CThA) Harrow, Middlesex & Uxbridge Group Meeting

HTN Open Health Day


South Island SHEN ‘A’ Workshop

New Zealand Workshop Schedule for 2013 & 2014

SHEN Developments in New Zealand’s South Island

UK Workshops Schedule for 2013 & 2014

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Newsletter Issue 21

Members Forum

Seaside SHEN Swap

Synchronicity by Donna Harcos

Reminiscence by Richard Pavek

Role of the SHEN Mentorby Corona McGurk

Sensing the magic of SHEN by Annie Vossinioti

Workshops/Retreats in Greece

New Zealand News

Life After Murder by Barbara Smith

Earthquake recovery in Christchurch by Anna Warner

My SHEN Journey by Janice Allgood

Presentation to the CThA

My SHEN Journey by Stephanie Nel

UK Workshops

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Newsletter Issue 20

Members Forum

Careers with SHEN Therapy in the UK and Ireland

Training to be a Certified SHEN Therapist

Irish Christmas Prayer

Christmas Lights

SHEN Workshop Dates in Greece for 2013

SHEN Part A and Part B Workshop 2012

Alternative Spotlight: SHEN Therapy

Festive Greetings from Sheila Kay & Shona Neil

The Mobile Commerce Revolution

Saranya Tarrant reports

SHEN Therapy Workshops NZ 2013/14

SHEN UK Workshop dates

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Newsletter Issue 19

Part B workshop report

Members Forum

Profile of Ginny Gonzalez CST

Workshop Dates

SHEN & the Cosmic Orgasm

SHEN Swap Sessions

‘Keeping Contact’ Newsletter

SHEN case study

Congratulations to Yvonne Corrigan

Empowering in difficult times

Workshop Dates

SHEN Training


Workshop Dates

United Kingdom

Profile of Jonathan Chambers

HTN Open Day Report

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Newsletter Issue 18

SHEN Instructors & Mentors Council Meeting in Arizona

New Zealand Workshop Schedule

Greece Celebrates first SHEN Workshop

Support for SHEN Practitioners

Introducing SHEN via Social Media

Profile of James Alexander, Australia’s first SHEN intern

SHEN Community Forum

News from Ireland

European Clinical Skills Seminar dates

UK News – Healing Network Open Day

Profile of Russell Lewins, First SHEN Intern for Wales

UK Workshop Schedule

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