Going on a SHEN Retreat (Part 1)

by Claire Walmsley, Presentation Coach and former BBC Producer

“You’re going on a retreat?” “What on earth is SHEN? “

“Is it Chinese?” “Do they stick needles in you?”

“Is it Massage?” “Ooh!….yes! – What do you mean you keep your clothes on?”

“Why?” – I blame it all on PMR.

Claire Walmsley
For those of you who’ve been reading my Follow Grandma blogs (https://followgrandma.wordpress.com) you’ll know I recently developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica, (PMR) a non-life threatening disease. It’s a disease that mainly affects women over the age of 65. You wake up one morning, unable to move, constrained by a stiff neck and shoulders, hips and other joints that are swollen and painful. When you eventually manage to get upright your balance is affected and you shuffle along like a prisoner in chains. The simplest thing, like reaching down to put your socks on, is impossible – I’ll spare you the other details but it is a disabling, painful, frightening and depressing condition

I decided to do some research. Was I doing anything that might be contributing to the disease? Was there something I could change that would help me with the pain or improve the symptoms? If that meant changing my diet, my life style or gently exercising more I was willing to give it a go.

Some things did give marginal relief – hot showers helped to get my circulation and movement going in the morning, exercising the few parts of my body that did still move allowed me to extend my range of movement. However, the moment I sat down for half an hour I seized up again!

I felt as though I had blockages in all my joints. Something was painfully stopping my movements and it ranged from that very stiff neck right down to my knees. Once my limbs were activated there didn’t seem to be an underlying problem, and it appeared the message from my brain was getting through to my muscles and nerves. However, the movements were restricted by something that felt like sticky, and painful, glue in my joints. I wondered if acupuncture might help and asked some respected medical friends for advice. Although they couldn’t recommend a local practitioner they suggested I might benefit from a therapy called SHEN. I’d never heard of it but decided it might be worth learning more.

I checked SHEN on the Internet.
SHEN wasn’t claiming to offer a ‘cure’ for illness.
‘SHEN Therapy is a breakthrough approach to emotional health, a radically new understanding of how emotion influences the body & the mind.’
(SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Emotion Nexus)

As I read more I learned that the practitioner uses his or her hands to locate very precise points on the body and then, through a process of holding his hands over the point or physically holding that part of the body, helps to release contractions that may be trapping emotions. Think about static electricity and the energy that your body holds. This energy, which should flow naturally, (in the same way that your blood circulates) can be disrupted by life’s events and cause blockages. SHEN deals with these blockages and allows the energy to flow freely.

I had no idea if I had any “trapped emotions”. I had just returned from holiday in India with my daughter and friends, I was planning another scuba diving trip, I have no real worries and was coming to the end of a 70th birthday year of celebration and genuine thanks for my friends, family and health. Suddenly I had been sideswiped with this immobilising and painful illness.

I did some more reading before deciding to give it a try.

Medical science has been unable to explain how emotions can affect and upset the body. Even how the feelings and sensations of emotions could remain trapped there for so long is a mystery because medical science has overlooked a very simple factor; the body contracts whenever it feels pain. It is this contraction that is the culprit.

SHEN certainly seemed as if it “Did no harm” and so I decided to look for evidence from personal (anecdotal) experience.

This horrid disease has brought some unexpected experiences, moments of delight and some fabulous people into what have been (at times) pretty miserable months.

SHEN therapy has been one of these good experiences and when I met Marion, a former nurse and now a practitioner in Angus, (Scotland) I realised I had also met a caring and gifted person.

Within minutes she had explained in a straightforward way that SHEN did not cure. However, it could help to release blocked emotions and that might help to reduce my acute symptoms of pain, discomfort and immobility.

The treatment is carried out on a comfortable cradle-type bed, which is suspended over the massage table. This is designed so practitioners can place hands underneath the back of the body during treatment.

Marion explained that she would do the work whilst I lay on my back fully clothed, warm and comfortable. This was all about relaxing and letting go completely, so it was ok to fart, belch, cry or just sleep during the session! I liked it already.

She was also clear that this was not a counseling session or anything like that. That was reassuring since I felt comfortable and in full control of my emotions. That was until I began to explain to her how my GP had told me there is no conclusive test for PMR and I had made a decision not to take steroids until any other medical conditions were excluded. I then added that my doctor had impressed on me that if I did have PMR I had a one in ten risk of going blind if I didn’t take the steroids.

As I said this, and without warning, I felt myself experiencing the emotions of a six year old girl who, 64 years ago, had an eye operation for a squint and woke up unable to see; bandages wrapped tightly around her head; a little girl who stumbled blindly around obstacles in a children’s hospital ward, frightened and alone. In those days parents were excluded from daily hospital visiting. Now, as I cried, I was vividly recalling that distress all over again. These emotions had been well and truly buried before this SHEN session.

Marion looked at me and said simply “Yes, something similar brought me to becoming a SHEN practitioner.” She went on to talk about her life as a child on Barra, a Hebridean island, with no electricity or running water. When she was nine she developed appendicitis and was taken by boat to hospital in Glasgow. She spoke only Gaelic and was suddenly plunged into a world of bright lights, white coats and hospital life. Like my childhood experience and emotions, hers also resurfaced through SHEN much later in her life after she had become a nurse.

So I began my SHEN journey with a course of regular sessions. Each one lasted at least an hour and a half. Marion’s hands would move lightly to different points sometimes resting on a particular joint. On one occasion I was acutely aware that my right arm around the biceps became red hot, like a raging inferno. Afterwards when I checked how hot had it felt to her she’ said she’d felt no difference and this often happened to people’s bodies when their energy was moving.

The sessions continued to be relaxing. Sometimes I had more mobility afterwards and even though it meant a painful journey to and from home I felt the sessions were helpful. I was learning to ‘let go’ on a different and deeper level and experience a new state of relaxation. Sometimes I was fully conscious; sometimes I drifted in and out and occasionally I had a welcome snooze. I lay in a warm comfortably suspended state whilst the wild winds from the North Sea beat against the windowpanes.

However, the overall symptoms were not getting better and after tests and discussions with a rheumatologist I decided to take the steroids. The symptoms diminished dramatically almost overnight. (This appeared to be conclusive medical evidence that I had PMR!) And, two weeks later I was able to sit down long enough to make the journey south to see my family.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica has demanded that it be respected. It’s as if it intends to teach me something and I am listening. The underlying cause is not known and medical consultants shake their heads and say they have no idea whether it’s viral or genetic. However, it does appear to burn itself out after about 18 months. For my part I have every intention of recovering my health and strength and maintaining it. In the process if I discover anything more about my emotions that helps me to maintain my health then that’s all to the good.

The SHEN sessions I had in Scotland had provided a new, responsible (and very relaxing) way of dealing with my body, mind and emotions. I’d discovered another way of letting go and I wanted to continue uncovering the impact other buried emotions might be having on my physical wellbeing. Marion was encouraging and put me in touch with Tony Bailey, her teacher and ‘Mentor’ who lives in England.

(part 2 to follow)


Going on a Retreat (part 2)

Claire Walmsley, Presentation Coach and former BBC Producer

Let me remind you what I wrote in part 1:

PMR, this horrid disease, has brought some unexpected experiences, moments of delight and some fabulous people into what have been (at times) pretty miserable months.

This week I’ve travelled to Bewdley in the heart of Worcestershire where Tony Bailey warmly welcomed me to the Sanctuary he has created in his delightful Georgian home on the banks of the river Severn. I’m here for a three-day mini retreat and I’ve had a double session of three hours of SHEN treatment this afternoon. I am still processing what happened. But part of that process is feeling freed up to write openly about what I am experiencing.

Earlier, I walked along the riverbanks and watched dozens of swans cavorting on the river in the spring sunshine. A large squadron of them flew magnificently in formation just above the river’s surface. I watched with amusement as one bedraggled loner, unable to take off, chased them and with huge web -footed strides literally ‘running on water’ for several hundred yards.

Later I watched with astonishment as lone swans solved problems of mobility and direction by ‘going with the flow’ of the river Severn; allowing the current to take them sideways and backwards in order to successfully, and without stress, reach a source of food. What a metaphor for life’s problems, and one that I thought I might adopt.

As I reach the end of the first day of this mini retreat I realise my energy has changed. It is past midnight. I have spent the last few hours writing with enthusiasm. Before that I was strolling around the old Georgian town of Bewdley, taking photographs, recording my thoughts and enjoying the ebb and flow of river life. I observe a definite and positive change in my energy. I have felt exhausted for months. Now, late at night, I realise that all evening the feeling of fatigue has been completely absent. I am ready for bed, ready for sleep but I’m not weary. What an extraordinary and welcome end to the day.

Today I have been hugging a tree.
I went to the park here in Bewdley and was almost accosted by a beautiful old tree whose trunk was clad in a brightly coloured knitted waistcoat! There was a hand-embroidered message on the woolly ‘waistcoat’ – “Please Feel Free to Hug Me”. How could I resist? I laughed out loud; I embraced the tree and the sun beamed down on us. A passerby looked on in astonishment and I quickly handed her my camera.

This is NOT a part of the 3-day SHEN retreat but somehow it fits in beautifully. Up until now the main highlight of my day has been lying comfortably on a low-slung cradle on a massage table- it even has an electric blanket.
SHEN is based on the scientific theory that traumas, stress and difficult situations cause us to contract our muscles. This can block normal energy flow and unless dealt with, can affect us later in life. Once the blockage is removed the energy flows more freely and this results in a healthier and more harmonious body. My body is definitely out of harmony and has not been happy or well with Polymyalgia Rheumatica. (PMR) and I decided to see if a three-day SHEN retreat might help.

Tony Bailey has explained things clearly. The treatment is simple. Whilst I lie comfortably wrapped up in the cradle, I am encouraged to try not to use my head to think about issues, and instead, allow myself to feel the emotions attached to these issues. I am shown how to breathe gently in and out whilst identifying emotions and then how to breathe them out and let them go. Tony meanwhile will be working with slow movements of his hands to help the energy to flow more easily. In my case he will be concentrating on my neck, shoulders and other specific SHEN points on my body.

A session lasts about an hour and a half but on this retreat I’m having the luxury of double sessions. That’s a lot of lying back and letting go of health problems and associated worries. But this isn’t just about sleeping or having a much-desired rest. (Although there is time for that). For SHEN to be effective and long lasting the client has to work too by identifying and facing up to difficult often hidden emotions. This can be challenging because whilst we often go round and round “thinking” about our problems the essence of SHEN is to become aware of how we feel about them. Then, having identified these emotions the practitioner and client work towards letting them go and unblocking the system. This is specialist work and you need the help of a fully trained and certified practitioner alongside and involved.

Tony Bailey is an experienced practitioner of SHEN, and has helped over 6,000 clients over many years. Today it was my turn and I was intrigued to see what, if anything these sessions held for me. Although this is not counseling I began to identify events and emotions that in some cases had been lying buried since I was a child. I’d experienced the example of my fear of blindness, a risk of PMR (described in my previous blog). I was also experiencing feelings of sadness and loss that had re-emerged during my recent illness; loss of mobility, loss of ability and loss of strength had strong resonances from my past. I could now see I hadn’t dealt with them at the time, I’d buried them and they had now resurfaced with a vengeance.

I was looking at difficult issues but, as I shed some tears, I felt the professional and caring support of Tony. The movement of his hands was at times reassuring at others very consoling – think how a mother consoles a small child who has a pain – and I felt I was in a very safe and secure environment.

So did I experience anything new or different? Yes I did.

Time seemed to both expand and contract. Sometimes I was fully awake sometimes I drifted in and out of consciousness, occasionally I snoozed. I breathed rhythmically and made an effort to stop ‘thinking’ and relaxed into ‘feeling ‘. Long-buried memories surfaced; sometimes they were difficult – divorce, being separated from my parents, loss of the custody of my children, coping single-handed with disability.

I can’t say if these memories were associated with the physical reactions I experienced in the sessions but as the treatment progressed there were several occasions when my body, without warning, felt like it had received an involuntary voltage-like shock. My left leg shot skywards and the immediately afterwards dropped quietly back. On another occasion my heart gave a great lurch.

At other times I had the sensation in my upper right arm of a stuttering electric current trying to get round an old wiring system. Without any verbal communication from me Tony continued to concentrate on this area. I remained silent throughout the treatments. Gradually the sensation settled into a gentle regular flow through my arms and legs.

In another session my head and face became very hot. It was almost like a hot flush, which slowly moved down the back of my neck, descended down my spine and then extended sideways into the rest of my body; the overall sensation was comforting. I was aware of Tony’s hands, one above my torso and one lightly touching my middle back underneath the cradle. As my body cooled down, the sensation disappeared as magically as it had arrived and I was left feeling relaxed and with a normal temperature.

Claire Walmsley Hugging a Tree

Lying quietly I had time to reflect on other things apart from my physical self – I had a great awareness of my spiritual self. I had come to the Sanctuary to re-balance my physical energy fields and now I was finding that I had the opportunity to use this time to look at the deeper issue of the balance of mind, body and spirit. That was a very positive choice I made but not everyone might want to do that.

My steroid medication has made an incredible difference to my physical condition. However, being on this retreat I’m experiencing other subtle changes like sleeping more soundly and waking feeling refreshed. Tonight I realise that the fatigue and exhaustion of the last few months have diminished and I am astonished and appreciative at how energized I feel.

As I remember discovering that amazing tree in the park today, and how I laughed and hugged it, I feel real ‘joie de vivre’ for the first time in months.

As I remember discovering that amazing tree in the park today, and how I laughed and hugged it, I feel real ‘joie de vivre’ for the first time in months.

Claire Walmsley can be contacted via her website: http://clairewalmsley.co.uk


A Healing Retreat at Sanctuary (Testimonial)

For those needing some personal down time and one-on-one healing, Sanctuary offers an idyllic retreat space perfectly complimented by Tony Bailey’s SHEN Emotional Healing Therapy practice.

Lying along the River Severn in the quiet town of Bewdley, Worcestershire, accommodation is a cosy self-catering apartment set in the back of a lovely, quiet old house and is convniently situated underneath the Therapy Centre where daily intensive SHEN sessions are offered.  Sessions are grouped as double-sessions lasting 3 hours and the large bright therapy space is decorated with healing and spiritual images, icons, and items.  Tony draws upon a wealth of client, group, therapeutic and workshop experience to tailor sessions to your individual needs.

SHEN is a gentle but dynamic system of touch therapy that links healing energy directly to the body’s-biofeld and energy centres which facilitates the release of old emotional patterns of pain and, by the end of the journey, the re-integration of new healthier energy.

SHEN is a non-analytical therapy, but allows the exploration and expression of held past emotions and physical tensions that are holding us back.  Visualisations, meditations and dream work are naturally incorporated, but emphasis is on the ‘passive’ receiving of energy.  The client has nothing to do but lie quietly on a specially made cradle secured on top of the therapy table and be cocooned by the shifting energy fields as Tony works on different parts of the body and the various channels of energy. When I say ‘passive’ that refers to the client lying back quietly to receive SHEN energy and not to the dynamic sensations experienced as energy shifts and past memories, recollections and physically held tensions are actively released.

After 4 such double sessions spaced over 3 days and interspersed with lovely afternoon river and countryside walks, I felt released, recharged and ready to return to my less than tranquil city life.  Old aches, forgotton memories and heart pains, both physical and emotional, had been cleared.  Alongside the pain of loss of loved ones as well as the disatisfaction of difficult past relationships – residual fear, grief and terror gently resurfaced and dispersed.  In the space created, a new energy and vitaliy returned to my previously tired body and bones.  A subtle, deep and profound change had been affected.

Tony works with all manner of clients from those working through trauma, grief and abuse, to those caught in any overwhelming sense of immediate crises.  He is a  charming, welcoming an humorous therapist who comes packed with a spiritual and energetic punch.  It is his obvious joy and pleasure to work with clients willing to explore the healing journey and experience the gentle way.  All you need to do as a client is to relax, receive and allow the profound rejuvenation to take place. K.B

European Clinical Skills Seminar 2015

This course is ideal for those who want a professional training to be a fully qualified therapist with a good understanding of ethics and standard of practice.

It is for those who want to know and and be able to explain why and what your are doing.

It is for those who want training to help a person explore their feelings and help them achieve their aim.

It is for those who want to make a difference to peoples’s lives by helping them find emotional healing.

The Seminar provides tailored education, support and training to SHEN Therapy Interns of all levels.  For qualified SHEN Therapists and Instructors, the Clinical Skills Seminar provides intensive sessions in a healing supportive environment combined with an opportunity for continued professional development.

Venue:  Greville Arms Hotel, Granard, Co. Longford

Accommodation in Venue: can be booked directly with the Hotel:  http://grevillearms.ie/

Instructor: Deirdre Leavy, Clinical Certified SHEN Therapy Instructor (CSTI) with Assistant.

Dates: 7 days, starting Monday 20th through to Sunday 26th July 2015

Seminar starting time: Monday 20th July at 10.00 am

Closure Time: Sunday 26th July between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Hours: 63 hours

Seminar Investment: 700 Euros.   (NB: early bird discount of 50 Euros if paid in full before 21st June 2015)


Deirdre Leavy

Tel: +353 (0) 43 667 1156

Mob: +33 (0) 879 607 626

SHEN Training and Workshop Center, Ireland



SHEN Therapy Part ‘A’ Workshop, Ireland

This Workshop Course teaches you about the movement pattern of the biofield (Human Energy Field).

You will find out that the objective is to assist the Human Biofield to release tension, painful emotion and stress from the body.

You will learn the  aim is to ensure that any slowness or blockages in the Biofield are freed.  This is done by teaching you to place your hands in specific areas of the (fully clothed) body which accords with the direction of the flows in the Human Biofield.  By aiding the  healthy flow of the Biofield ion this way, slowness and blockages, stress and tension are released.


Workshop Overview:

History of SHEN Therapy

Physics of the Biofield (movement pattern of the Biofield in the body.

Emotion Centres

How to check your own hands for the movement pattern of the Biofield

Practical application

Instructor:  Deirdre Leavy, CSI along with Assistant (TBA)

Dates:  Friday 29th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 31st May 2015

Starting Time: Friday 29th May at 4 pm

Venue: Greville Arms Hotel, Granard, Co. Longford

Accommodation in Venue:  can be booked directly with the hotel: http://grevillearms.ie

Investment Cost: Euros 350

Course Text: Workshop folder with charts are yours to bring home.

The Workshop includes 28 classroom hours. Each participant receives 8 up to 12 SHEN Therapy Sessions




SHEN Emotional Healing & Empowerment Workshops

Led by Helena Legg (Certified SHEN Practitioner/ SHEN Instructor Intern)


All workshops are offered in a safe and nurturing environment under the care and guidance of a fully qualified Certified SHEN Instructor/Facilitator.

They are specially designed for those searching for a way of letting go of deeply rooted, painful emotions that inhibit life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Over the full course of the workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how emotions work and why they can be so troubling; and experience their relationship to the healing properties of the Human Biofield.

This is an intensive experiential Workshop with an emphasis on learning and experiencing the giving and receiving of SHEN Therapy’s unique techniques for emotional release and self empowerment. You will work from a comprehensive manual and clear instructional charts which are yours to keep

The Workshops are offered in 2 parts:
SHEN A: Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May 2015

SHEN B: Friday 10th to Monday 13th July 2015

Best Western Garden Court Aylesbury,
Buckingham Road,
Watermead, Aylesbury,
Buckinghamshire, HP19 0FY
Tel: 01296 398 839

Single Workshop fee normally £400.00
One-off offer (for first timers) of discounted course fee of £350.00 (in  consideration of Workshop Leader being assessed for her Certification as SHEN Instructor)

Repeats: (Participants who are repeating Part ‘A’ and ‘B’) 25% discount – £300.00

Lunch can be ordered for £6.50 per person per day or participants can eat out.

Accommodation in venue: can be booked directly with the Hotel at above number.

Cost: Double room £69.00 B&B per person, per night

Cost: Twin Room £74.00 per night

For Bookings and enquiries please contact:

Helena Legg Tel: 07783 108 299 or email:  helena.legg@gmail.com


Russell Lewins Tel: 07886 560 161 or email: shenquery@gmail.com

For further information about SHEN Therapy, please visit SHEN UK Website: www.shentherapyuk.com

And: International SHEN Therapy Association website: www.shentherapy.net

Testimonial for SHEN ‘A’ Workshop in May 2015

“I attended the SHEN ‘A’ Workshop in May and found it very useful.

Helena was a great facilitator who made me feel welcomed and listened to from the start of the workshop.

Whilst taking part in the workshop difficult emotions can arise. I felt confident in Helena and her team that they could confidently help me process emotions that were arising in a caring and professional manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed the SHEN ‘A’ Workshop and will recommend it to my friends and familyt so that they can feel the benefits I have.”

Tony, London


Opening to the Body

Russell Lewins CST

Russell Lewins CST


“Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear everything shifts”
Bessel Van Der Kolk

Life in the Hills
For seven years I lived a simple life at a remote Buddhist retreat centre in North Wales. I was paid a simple allowance. Even simple everyday tasks such as shopping, cooking and budgeting were the responsibility of others. Every so often I would lead one of the retreats held there. My main role though was to spend silent hour upon hour in the meditation hall, guided by Buddhist teachings, being aware of my body. At times this was exquisitely pleasurable and at others almost torturous, but most of the time it was all pretty ordinary. Body sensations come and go, emotions arise and fall, all accompanied by the ever present process of breathing.

‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.” Friedrich Nietzche

Over years of practising like this, I saw what can happen when the body profoundly relaxes in deep meditation. My body was revealing and letting go of layer upon layer of tension. Nothing maybe particularly surprising in that. But the tension had been a bolted door to what lay behind. Lurking trapped behind a layer of tension was often an unprocessed emotional episode from earlier in my life. The American Buddhist Reginald Ray has described such holding as the unlived. The tension a sort of frozen habitual defence mechanism, formed against a rush of emotion, image and feeling that at the time was too overwhelming to feel. In a state of profound relaxation – the system can cope with what’s been imprisoned and the doors open.
Although sometimes quite bracing, reuniting with these old forgotten parts or episodes felt exquisitely healing. I was retrieving fragments of a broken heart. As wounds healed, positive qualities such as kindness, creativity and openness seem to be shining through more brightly.
”Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Back to the Smoke
After several years in the hills I felt the call of urban life again. My heart was piecing together and I wanted to be more in relationship and connection with others. I had benefited so much from the process of de-tensioning. I wondered how others could benefit from this too. Few can devote years to a meditative life, so I explored whether any of the newly emerging alternative forms of therapy spoke in terms of deep relief of body tension, subtle body energies and emotional release. And further, if any could bring about the like of what I had experienced in those years of intensive meditation.

SHEN Therapy
After searching ‘high and low’ I came across SHEN® Therapy. Compared to spending years in disciplined meditation practice, SHEN is very direct. Through careful hand placement, the therapist’s own natural energy flows (which free up through years of training) are aligned with those of the clients. As a session progresses, relaxation deepens and deepens. When the body is ready, a layer of tension falls away, freeing trapped emotions and energy to surface and release. I found the therapy was taking me to the place of deep embodied relaxation, that I had previously only experienced during lengthy intensive spells of meditation.
I decided to train in SHEN therapy and move back to urban life, to shopping, cooking and budgeting! Now in Birmingham, I’m a full time SHEN therapist. Each day I marvel at how much old ‘baggage’ our bodies hold. Sadly this emotional archaeology is often highly charged and prone to being triggered in unconscious and unhelpful ways. Past pains colouring and burdening us in living life to the full today.
So much can come from past wounding, bubbling up to release safely and organically. As the wounds release – you is brought back to you. It feels deeply rewarding work.

Special offer – first session £20.00

07886 560161


SHEN 4 day Part ‘B’ Workshop November-December 2014




SHEN Part 'B' Nov-Dec 2014

Sanctuary, Home to Heart of England SHEN Therapy was the venue for the 4 day Part ‘B’ SHEN Emotional Healing & Personal Empowerment Workshop.
There were 6 Participants taking the Workshop for the second time, becoming eligible to apply to join the SHEN Internship Programme.
From left: Jan Channing, Bronwyn Daffern, Jo Henton, Helena Legg (SHEN Instructor in Training), Robert Broughton, Tony Bailey (Workshop Instructor) and Marina Gallagher.
(Also participating: Lisa Hatton and Eve Randall (Assistant)

Relationship Retreats at Sanctuary

The emotions of attraction, admiration, yearning and arousal begin the formation of our Relationships. The emotions of love, trust, respect and caring bond and sustains healthy Relationships.
It is the emotions of frustration, anger, blame and guilt that undermine and threaten to tear our Relationships apart.
So why do our emotions swing so dramatically as to threaten break down or break up?
The reason is that emotions such as intimacy, pleasure and gratification are expansive, making us feel good and wanting us to express them. Whereas the emotions of anxiety, self doubt, low self worth, shame and guilt feel painful and troubling causing us to close down as the emotions contract deep inside our body.
The Medical Profession call this the ‘Auto Contractile Pain Reflex’ or ACPR. These contractions are buried deep inside the body and can remain for a life-time; constantly triggered by present day events and setting up a chain reaction of troubling responses in behaviour, habits and actions.

When the body relaxes, it naturally releases tension, stress and contractions held in the body.
In a SHEN Relationship Retreat we work at releasing the cause of the disruptive emotions by relaxing that part of the body holding the emotions in a tight constriction. Using our hands, the SHEN Practitioner directs and enables the naturally occurring ‘Chi'(energy) circulating the body to dissolve the contractions and lift the painful emotion safely to he surfaced to be released.
As the inner emotional conflicts resolve, the deeper empowering emotions of love, happiness and self confidence are freed to establish a strong and resilient core upon which to move our relationships forward.

For a free consultation or to book a Relationship Retreat, call Tony Bailey, Certified SHEN Therapist and Instructor on 01299 401407; Mobile: 07801 810016. Email: tonybailey@talk21.com.Visit website: www.ask4sanctuary.co.uk


SHEN has been called the therapy that changes ‘Post Traumatic Stress ‘ to ‘Past’ Traumatic Stress.

Receiving  SHEN assists a person in transforming emotional and physiological traumas to experiential awareness, re-empowerment and wisdom.  With the use of SHEN therapy, even life-long emotional wounds and their effects can be safely removed.

SHEN therapy uses the Chi – a naturally occurring biofield energy to relax body tissue, normalise blood flow, reduce stress and relieve physical and emotional pain.

Based in physics and physiology, SHEN therapy was developed out of clinical observations of the effects of the emotions upon the body which confirmed that emotions such as love, joy and happiness are expansive – making us feel good, whereas emotions such as grief, fear, shame and low self esteem seem to close us down as the emotions contract deep inside our body.

This involuntary tendency of the body to contract around pain is a natural response, but when the contractions are held for a long time they can disturb normal functioning of the body, often leading to illness and even life threatening conditions.

SHEN therapy provides a gentle, non-invasive method of dissolving accumulated contractions and tensions within the body, lifting deeply buried painful emotions to the surface to be safely released.

A SHEN session usually lasts an hour during which time you lie, fully clothed, on a specially designed cradle.  The SHEN Practitioner places their hands on your body in a series of precise locations using the ‘Chi’ energy between their hands to release the contractions trapping the painful emotions, gently lifting them  to the surface to disperse and leave.

As the inner emotional conflicts resolve, the deeper empowering emotions of love, joy and happiness are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to move forward in life.

For more information, view testimonials or make a booking, visit the SHEN Therapy UK website: www.shentherapyuk.com

To book a SHEN Emotional Healing & Personal Empowerment Retreat, visit: www.ask4sanctuary.co.uk